Thursday, April 7, 2011


It’s all PHONE KITTEN all the time, now that we’ve got the second edition out. The one featuring the hilarious video.

But enough about the video already. How about the book? Well, I love it. I want to say it’s a nice cozy read, but that connotes knitting and quilting books, washed down with a cup of tea. This is more like a book you want to curl up in a quilt with, along with a box of chocolates. A book that makes you feel good because Emily makes you feel good—Emily being the intrepid phone kitten protagonist. Just how does a book about a phone sex worker accomplish the high wire act of  being completely wholesome and impossibly dear and adorable? Well, hell if I know. First-time author Marika Christian’s a magician, that’s all. Here are my…


10. A laugh a page, guaranteed-- Marika’s a terrific new comic talent .
  9. Unlike many comic mysteries, which often seem to  flame out on the mystery part, it actually has a satisfying plot.
  8.  It has a cover by a best-selling mystery author. I won’t say who, but her credit’s  in the book.
7. We’re hereby offering the free giveaway of your choice to the first person who gets back to us with that name:  a booksbBnimble flash drive ; an inscribed copy of one of my books (you get to pick); a polo shirt once owned by Carl Hiaasen. KIDDING! I do not have such a T-shirt!  But wouldn’t you love one? And seriously, we can accommodate you on the other two.
6.     Great across-the-board appeal—hard-boiled, cozy, chick-lit, and mainstream readers who’ve read it so far have loved it, but truth in advertising here—so far as I know they’ve all been female.  Not sure guys would have the same appreciation.
5. But they’ll be amused by the embedded video.
4.  You’ll pick up a whole new category of slang—phone kitten jargon’s pretty entertaining. Example:  A whale’s a big-bucks caller.
3. IT’S GUARANTEED SQUEAKY CLEAN.  You will absolutely not be grossed out. But you might be a little…titillated.
2. It’s got a good love story to go along with the mystery.
1. You have to know what a looner is.

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  1. Phone Kitten cover art by Nevada Barr.

    Enjoyed reading this book very much!

  2. Woo-hoo! thanks so much, Peggy. he cover artist is indeed Nevada Barr. So glad you liked Phone Kitten!
    What's your pleasure--a print book by me (title of your choice) or a bbn flash drive? I can put a couple of our bbn books on the flash drive too--once again, your choice. And send me your address separaely (unless you want it published ont he Internet). julieorleans@cox.net.

  3. Damn! Sorry for the misspellings! J

  4. Great! Thank you, Julie. My info has been sent to your email.